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Item No.:AS - RH007
Product name :Sea Serial Heli-Sea King 500

1. Fuselage length: 935mm
2. Fuselage height: 332mm
3. Main Blade length: 430mm
4. Main Rotor diameter: 980mm 
5. Tail Rotor diameter:190mm
6. Main Pinion Gear: 12T/13T                                      
7. Main Drive Gear: 162T
8. Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 145T
9. Tail Drive Gear: 31T
10. Drive Gear ratio: 1:13.5:4.68/1:12.46:4.68
11. Weight(without power system): 950g
12. Flying Weight: Approx 1700g  

Sugges Equipment:
1. Transmitter: CCPM 6 channel or above
2. Receiver: 6 channel or above
3. Servo: 40g x 4PCS
4. GYRO: Head lock GYRO
5. Battery: Li-po 2200mAh 11.1V 20C x 2PCS
6. Motor: 1700KV Brushless Motor
*This helicopter is designed to construct and operated by adults .Young people of 14 years old or more may do so under the instruction and supervision of competent adults. Carefully read the instruction before any use, please operate follow user manual, otherwise,we will take no responsibility.

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